Ahern's Massage Therapy School and Holistic Health Center, Mariposa California


For a number of years this was the Ahern's Massage School website.
Content is from the site's 2008 archived pages.

The Ahern's Massage School in Mariposa, CA is permanently closed.

4615 Indian Peak Rd
Mariposa, CA 95338-9371
United States


Ahern's Massage School teaches therapeutic holistic massage,
in a total immersion curriculum environment of instruction and learning,
offering a condensed and accelerated course of study,
Located near the entrance to beautiful Yosemite National Park.

Even a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
- Chinese proverb

Since they use the metric system you are already 1/4 of the way there. (The hardest thing is getting started) --- Thinking outside of the box

Become one of the very best! For 16 years I have taught massage therapy by teaching people not paper.
2,500 + successful students taught with never, never a failure. I provide a safe environment for all of my students and have dismissed those from class who were inappropriate.
My graduates get paid top dollar wherever they go. All of them raising the bar of excellence in this healing art.
I, Dr. Thomas F. Ahern, Jr. will be your teacher for all your subjects. I do not pass this responsibility off to anyone else. This is a huge commitment on my part; this is done in honor of your commitment to come here.
My students have ranged in age from 15 years old to 82 years young, some were doctors or went on to become doctors, and others could not read or write, all are making a wonderful difference in this world.
200 hour = 15 day Massage Therapy Course $3,495 an Earthlite Massage Table and all your books included.
100 hour = 7 1/2 day Advance Courses $1,750 per 100 hour course. Different areas of the country require different number of hours of education and training. We offer up to 1,000 hours of advanced training and education beyond the 200-hour Massage Therapy Course.
Please know that a great teacher will learn from each and everyone of their students.
Also know that a great teacher will take a struggling student and help them become an A student.
I do look forward to becoming one of your great teachers.
Thank you for your time.


Connected: When I lived in California I had taken the Ahern's 15 day Massage Therapy Course. This was a very special experience for me and my fellow students. I found I had a lot in common with both my class and with my instructors. I practice Reiki every day. My favorite instructor also practices Reiki. He's actually studying to become a master. One day I wore a new Batman t shirt to class and was amazed at the response to it. It was a new sublimated print from MoonAtMidnight.com, my favorite Batman shop online. Several of my classmates were also Batman fans and we decided to all wear our Batman t shirts to class as a lark. It turns out they also were aware of my fav store and many had purchased their shirts there. And it's not just t shirts. On cooler days, our Batman apparel features hoodies and sweatshirts. It's moments like this when you realize how interconnected we are. I have many fond memories of the time I spent at the Ahern's Massage School in Mariposa. It is such a beautiful area. I always take a trip to Yosemite each year. I was so glad to learn recently that the Mariposa Grove of giant Sequoias is once again open after a three year restoration of the habitat.



My Teaching Philosophy

It is my opinion that the educational system of this country is in great need of repair. The most important thing that I teach is compassion, and you will learn to work from your heart. Anyone who has a body, and anyone who plans on touching someone who has a body, should learn massage therapy. Why? Because we all have a GOD given right to good health. Know that we are not healers, healing comes only from GOD. At best we are facilitators of healing. Have your healing hands be guided by your heart.

Ahern's Massage Therapy School Visits Alaska.  Dr. Thomas Ahern (center/back) with some of his fieldtrip students. The fabulous halibut fishing during the 24 hour daylight summer solstice along with the exciting dog sled rides during the darkness of the winter solstice can only be topped by the wonderful people of Alaska.  My students from the lower 48 in Alaska and I had a tremendous time there.  Special thanks must go to Diane Norman www.alaskakareliankennels.com
and Georgia Stansell at www.YogaAlaska.com.



Feeling the Connection.

This massage therapy I teach as a healing art has endless horizons. We need to stop thinking that we are made of a mind and body--separate and distinct from each other, (this being a western medicine view). We are truly MINDBODY - as complete as one (all) can be. Separate the two and that will be the end as we know it. The key is to "feel" the mindbody connection - the flow of universal life force energy. Anyone can learn to give a great massage in a day; it takes the other 190 hours to "feel" this mindbody connection as well as to learn the various massage techniques I teach. Once you know how to "feel" and have been exposed to the many different massage techniques I teach; you too will be able to read, understand, and most importantly "feel" what you are reading so that you can continue to teach yourself and to help others. The more effort you put into these courses, the better you will become.
My health center and school is part of my home, because health care is a very personal and caring profession and should never be in a cold, clinical setting. I feel very strongly about having you become the very best you can be. Massage therapy is more than an occupation; it is a way of life. Therefore, I open the safety of my home to my students and clients. Please save yourself time and money by coming to my school.

I Teach and Work From My Heart

I have been warned by many great business people that there is a danger of not charging enough for my classes, because the consumer equates high value with high dollars. They tell that, because of this, I am losing students and big money by not charging what this class is worth. The truth is, they are right! However, I teach and work from my heart. I do the very best job of teaching and giving of myself that can be found anywhere. It is ever my intent to teach you to do the same. My students are making a huge difference in the world...I thank them, and welcome you to do so also!

Following is a story I would like to share:

Off to BRAZIL — BRASIL, a giveaway of books, tables, and instruction, with love.

WHERE TO START? I have been truly blessed by angels and I am overwhelmed by their master—GOD. It is to God that I give thanks for everything, and for giving me everything I needed to go meet these wonderful people... our brothers and sisters in Brasil. I want to thank all of my students here in the U.S. for also making this possible (no students, no money, no traveling). There are a few other people that made this possible.

Oh, I don’t know how to thank you enough. Katie Scartezinin, my interpreter, guide, organizer, and friend, such a wonderful healer and so courageous! Roberta Viola, my friend, for so much, and for introducing me to Katie. Cleide Caldeira and Luis De Matos for organizing all that needed to be done in the south, and gathering such wonderful people to share this healing art with. I WENT TO TEACH, to give, to share all that I could.

I came back forever owing them for all that they gave to me. May I share this story with you? As we arrived at a doorway to a multi-level building on a busy city street were I was to teach, I noticed a very young woman with this great energy about her standing outside looking out into the distance. I wanted to say to her that I would like to give to her a free 10 day massage therapy course with books and a new massage table and a carrying case simply because she has this wonderful energy about her. But instead my heart sank because our countries a long time ago decided not to speak in the same tongue and because of that I would not be able to share this wonderful gift from GOD, with her, which is how to use your hands guided from your heart to set yourself and others free from pain!! It was strange, I was deeply upset.

Here I came all this way and I could not talk to this person because my interpreter was parking the car. I tried to get her out of my mind as we were about to be late for class, though I could remember that she had on a black pair of bell bottom pants and at the top of the bell bottoms there was a little metal silver star. Class started out with The Talking Circle, still with a heaviness in my heart, even though I was blessed with 14 new students.

As the talking feather made it’s way around in the direction of the sun; one woman in tears of thankfulness for this gift because her husband, who was the sole bread winner of the house, has a brain disease and will no longer be able to work, now she will be able to care for her family; or another realizes that a paralysis in her face that she has had far too long is already starting to feel better; or another now knows that she will be able to help her clients in ways that she couldn’t before; or yet another saying that she never imagined talking to someone from the United States, let alone receiving anything from someone there.

All of the stories were heart warming and confirmed to me that I am following what is being asked of me, and then as the talking feather made its way further around it came to the silver stared black bell bottom pants!!!! I was and am still amazed at how GOD works. This little 15 year old has wonderfully gifted hands and it has been a true honor for me to have worked with her.

As it was an honor to meet and work with so many angels, how they were able to fit such huge wings in such a small room I will never know. Everyone that I met in Brasil was so kind. THANK- YOU to EVERYONE there!!!!

WHAT DID YOU DO FOR WORLD PEACE TODAY? Prayers do help!!!! Eliminate GREED, and evil can not exist!!!!

NAMASTE, Dr. Thomas F. Ahern, Jr. M.D. (A.M.)

Yin and Yang

According to Lao Tzu (6th century, B.C.) everything in the universe arose from the great ultimate source, or "Tai Chi," represented by the famous Taoist symbol shown above.

The dark and light parts of the Tai Chi symbol represent the inherent duality in all things. It also shows the interaction of Yin and Yang respectively, the dynamic from which life and all phenomena arise and continue to move and change. Beyond this was only emptiness, which was "Wu Chi", and was represented as an empty circle.
The law governing all these transformations is called the Tao (pronounced Dow), meaning the way of nature. Humans as well as other living things are self healing and self reproducing in the cycle of life. This cycle of life is governed by universal laws that are continuing to be discovered and used by the human race to fulfill its purpose. These laws are physical, mental, emotional, chemical and spiritual. All the laws work together and do not contradict each other.

In class, we will learn much more about this crucial philosophy as it pertains to life and massage therapy.

West Meets East

The Western medical profession needs a re-examination. In Western medical philosophy, the body is viewed as a machine - and apart from the mind. The Western view generally treats the sick to make them healthy again. Traditionally, it has not emphasized health, health maintenance, or the effect of the mind upon the emotions on the body.

Eastern philosophy emphasizes staying healthy through the proper balance of exercise and relaxation, good food, massage, and good mental & emotional health - as not to become sick.

A marriage of both these philosophies is starting to happen. Everyone has the right to good health. People everywhere are beginning to understand this.
Thank you - You will be there to help.


Being healthy, as Eastern medical philosophy sees it, is all about the flow of Chi (pronounced "Chee").

What is Chi? Chi is vital life force energy - the universal life force in all living things. The Hebrew creation account gives the life energy as the breath of life being breathed by GOD into the first human, who became a living being. This hand of GOD is holding the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. In the Christina tradition this energy is synonymous with the "word of GOD" by which all things were made - in which was life - and that life was the light of all mankind.
When our Chi gets stuck, blocked, or becomes weakened, we become sick, diseased, irritated, depressed, allergic, substance dependent, and/or suffer from hormonal imbalances such as PMS and thyroid disease.

In class, you will learn what Chi "feels" like; how to find it; and how to move it so that you can help yourself and those around you. Once you begin the study of Chi - its flow and balance - you will find yourself becoming more grounded and balanced. You will begin to grasp and experience the mindbody connection.




In class, students will learn anatomy, various types of massage modalities, and Reiki. In the art of massage therapy, there is no "one way" that will be best for everyone you will help. I generally give an essential oil massage that combines many massage techniques with aromatherapy.

While I have developed a basic massage "routine," I also tailor my routine to fit individual needs. In the course of discussing different types of massage, we will also discuss aromatherapy as an integral part of many massage techniques.



Reiki Training

Reiki brings balance to the body, mind and soul.

Reiki classes are optional to the massage therapy course and are also offered as stand-alone courses. I offer Reiki I and Reiki II training. Each course lasts one day. I am a Reiki Master and have been doing it nearly all of my life.

Over the years, I have had many wonderful students, all with many great stories to share of helping people to feel better.

And some of them have been life saving. It is an honor to have been a part of my students' lives and their healings. I am looking forward to unlocking this healing power within you as well.

I teach only traditional Usui Reiki. This means that you can receive Reiki I training and must wait at least three months to receive Reiki II training. This is important because people who are getting both Reiki I and II attunements on one weekend by some practitioners are getting sick. This is because there is too much energy being received at one time. To anyone who has had this done to them, I offer a free attunement done in the traditional manner.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a time honored, sacred method of bringing balance and harmony to the body, the mind, and the soul.  It operates on the physical, mental and spiritual levels and acts as a connection with the ever-flowing love light energy of the universe. It carries no religious dogma. It is pure, simple, safe and elegant.  This form of pure energy has been credited with truly amazing healings, such as curing terminal illnesses.  It also allows you to simply have a great day. 

Reiki can be done with hands on or above the person, through walls, across town or across the country.  It has been said that if everyone would do Reiki, there would be no wars, hunger or hatred in the world - only an immense amount of love and good health.  Ah, heaven on earth.

What are Its Benefits?

This form of pure energy has been credited with truly amazing healings, such as curing terminal illnesses. It also allows you to have a great day. While giving a treatment, you also receive a treatment.

How Is It Done?

Reiki can be done with laying-on of hands, with hands above the person, or through walls, across town, or across the country. Reiki is a gift we all were born with. It just needs to be unlocked from within us. It has been said that if everyone would do Reiki, there would be no wars, hunger or hatred in the world, only an immense amount of love and good health.

Being a traditional Reiki Master, I teach only traditional Usui Reiki.  That means after learning Level 1, I will not teach a person Level 2 for at least three months.  The reason for this is you need time to adjust to this new healing energy.  Some so-called masters are teaching Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3 in a weekend.  It’s turning out that many people are getting seriously ill.  If this has happened to you or anyone else whom you know, I will gladly attune you or them correctly for free.  I will also attune students under the age of 18 for free.

Course Requirements

In addition to the actual hours spent in class, course requirements include practicing Reiki every day for a specific time period, as well as keeping a journal of your Reiki practice.  Therefore, completion of the Reiki course entitles you to an additional certificate.  Although Reiki is not a religion nor does it have any religious dogma some students feel that it might conflict with their religion.  Therefore, I do not attune anyone to this healing energy who does not want to be.  It will be your choice.

It's a Light They See

Graduates of my school have commented to me about how total strangers have come up to them and started to tell them of their aches and pains.

They noticed many people smiling and waving at them as they walked down the street -- for no other reason.

Why does this happen? Because they really have become great facilitators of healing and others notice it subconsciously.



What is the difference between a course and a class?


The difference between a course and a class is this; classes are the building blocks we use to make a complete course, so if you can just remember bricks are like classes, and courses are like the house the bricks are used to build the house you will have it, clear and simple. Many people are confused by this at first, but find it is easy to remember once they have something more tangible to compare it to, inches vs. feet, player vs. team, child vs. family, ... whatever helps you remember!

Now that you know the difference between a course and a class,
take a look at our list of the courses offered


What is the Curriculum?

In the two week, 200 hour course, I will teach you several different types of massage which are explained in detail on the Types of Massage Taught page. In addition, you will receive Reiki training . Help with state and national examination information and business start-ups are also part of the course.

You'll get many different resources as well, such as $150 worth of books and instructional materials, plus a massage table and stool to round out your study program. In addition, once you graduate you will be ready for the countless job and business opportunities available to you in massage therapy.


Course Schedules

Each day we start at 7 A.M. on the first Saturday of each available month. You will need to arrive by Friday night. When you have completed your studies here, you will be able to fly out on Sunday afternoon after the 200 hour course.

Please be aware, this is an intensive program. This is not a short cut to a license; you are getting so much more. You will be living, breathing, eating, sleeping this material for 200 hours, over a 15 day period of time.  Our classes are intensive and hands-on, nothing like the normal school routine of going to a class one day a week, sitting behind a desk, taking notes, taking a test, getting a piece of paper saying you went through the motions, and heading home.  At Ahern's Massage Therapy School you will be totally immersed in the material. You are here concentrated on your work for 200 hours.  You will learn to become a great facilitator of healing during those 200 hours. 

Class hours are as follows:
7:00 AM -12 PM /lunch/ 1:00 PM- 6:00 PM /dinner/
7 PM - 10:20 PM

Sounds tough?

I don't feel that it is. Many people work double shifts and still can barely get by in life. Here you will be learning a trade that will last a lifetime.
Think about it!

A good part of the time you will be giving or receiving a massage. Time flies while doing this, so how could it be so tough?


How I Teach

We all learn at different speeds and styles. I can teach anyone the healing art of massage therapy who truthfully wants to learn, and puts in the time and effort it takes.


A Safe Place

I provide a safe environment for everyone in my classes. And we always have fun while we are learning!


Class Size

You will learn this art best by my keeping class sizes manageable. I teach in this way so you will get plenty of personalized attention. You will learn by doing and sharing. You will learn by experiencing. You will learn by having the time to absorb what you are learning and to evolve into a massage therapist. YOU WILL BE AWESOME!



A lifetime worth of books, instruction, massage table and stool, and a certificate of being a certified massage therapist are provided for (U.S.) $3,495 for a two week/200 hour course. For every additional 100 hours of course work, the cost is $1,750. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express credit cards; Cashiers checks, Travelers checks, and even cash.

Housing The Best Western in Mariposa has offered a special rate for my students. You will need to call them directly at 209-966-7545. Be sure to let them know you are one of my massage students. On a limited basis, tents are available for those who wish to camp on the school property at no charge.

Food A continental style breakfast is provided at the hotel. Everything in town is within walking distance from the school. You will be able to buy a large variety of food from the town's restaurants or stores at about $18-$20 a day. Snacks, lunch, and dinner are not provided.

Here's a great idea! Many students pre sell gift certificates for massages at a bargain price ($100 for 10 massages) to get the tuition needed for class. Many of these pre-paid people become permanent clients of yours after the initial investment is "massaged" off!


Financial Benefits of Your New Career

How many massages do you want to give in a week? And how much do you want to earn?

Decide on how much time you want to spend, then set a realistic goal for achieving it. What you will be able to charge will depend upon your local economy.

Here is an example of feasible earnings available in my area and also provided by I.M.A. taken as a national average:

massages per
income per week income per
1 $50 $2,500
5 $250 $12,500
10 $500 $25,000
30 $1,500 $75,000
40 $2,000 $100,000


Karma Plan

Too broke to attend? How about a Karma Plan? The Karma Plan program works like this; It is a great honor to be able to offer such a valuable gift to you as I have with so many other students.

I will need a written or typed letter telling me:

  1. a little bit about yourself
  2. how this will benefit you in your life's path
  3. what your dedication will be for helping others by doing massage
  4. a promise that you will make good on your word that you will honor this Karma Plan Program.

If I feel your heart is in the right place, I will provide all the books and your massage table for $100 deposit and a $1000 deposit (does not include lodgings). In return, within the first year after graduating, you will put through a student completely for the full price of an equivalent class. In other words, if you attended the 200 or 260 hour course you must put someone through the 200 or 260 hour course.

This is a student of either my choice or your choice if you like. He/she is responsible for his/her own $100 deposit and $1000 fee and will continue the Karma Plan under the same terms.

This is not a program for those who do not want to pay a full tuition, this program is to help those who have exhausted all other forms of funding and have no hope of attending without the program. If you are capable of work, are just broke for the time being, capable of controlling your spending and saving your money to attend, or just too cheap to pay for a good education, please do not apply for this program.

Space in the Karma Plan is limited to those who are truly in need. If you can find a way to attend without filling a Karma Plan slot, you are leaving that space open for someone who really needs to attend - that is good Karma.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.


State and National Examinations

The courses offered here should help you prepare for state and/or national exams. Classes are always available for both the new student and as continuing education requirements. Ahern's Massage Therapy School is registered with the National Testing Board of Massage Therapists.

For different courses to accommodate your local, state, county, or city requirements, please contact me in advance of attending class so that we can discuss and plan for your individual needs.

For current specific requirements in the area you intend to practice, please contact the appropriate local agency, such as your local board of licensing or city council. Please do this before attending class. Practicing without a license can be costly, some states will fine $1,000 and more per incident. Please take your responsibilities seriously and know the law before you practice massage for monetary compensation.


What past student have to say…

Past students have written me with their response to attending Ahern's Massage Therapy School. Here are their words:

To Our Teacher,
How can I ever say thank you enough for the gift you've given me? The light of your presence has really enlightened me. I loved the way you made us feel special, each and everyone. You really made us feel like we really do belong. The healer inside of me was brought to light because of you, with love and nurturing, I will heal people just like you do. Whether in doing Reiki, or massage or Shiatsu, I know in bring energy to light and I am infused in talking and sharing feelings, healing and love. I thank God for Angels like you Tom, sent from above.
Your Friend,

Chastity Engle
Phoenix, Arizona


Attending this school has changed my life in ways that I can not put into words. From the massage techniques to business ethics and most important of all, I learned to love myself and how to show others unconditional love and respect.

Kyle Retallck
Beverly, MA


You receive many gifts from Ahern's Massage Therapy School. I have a thriving Reflexology health spa and was wanting to add massage. This two week school was a dream come true. I was concerned about my age and if I could cram all the knowledge in a short period of time. Dr. Ahern has creative ways to help you learn. The students' ages varied from 18 to 62. We had a lot of fun and encouragement. He is very patient and interesting. I left with more knowledge and respect for massage. I can't wait to take more courses.

Sindy Mullins
El Paso, Texas


I first learned of this school four years ago from a former student of his. She is a tremendous Massage Therapist. She makes a great living with it and also trades with other professionals. I shopped online to choose where I was going to go to school. I found this to be worthy of my time. I am so grateful I finally made it here and learned to be an awesome Massage Therapist. Here are some of the things I would like to share with you from my class. First of all, it is so much information I wondered how it was going to stick in my brain. Thomas teaches from his heart, he truly teaches people not paper. I would go to study at night and found I already knew it. The Massage Routine flows wonderfully as we give and receive. In my class the ages were 18 – 62 and everyone got it. I now consider my class mates as cherished friends. The Yin and Yang the flow of Chi. WOW! Oh my gosh! Were words I used a lot in class. I learned allergy elimination. I have been allergic to dairy and wheat my entire life as well as a list of other things I now enjoy. I can eat anything off a menu for the first time. Life is so good!

Namaste, Karin


Thomas has created an atmosphere perfect for learning. No time is ever wasted and every moment is a lifetime experience. One you will cherish forever.

Marco Marcus,
El Paso, Texas


Dear Thomas,
Everyone is loving my massages. Blessing from above have just been pouring down! Thank the Lord! I could go on and on! Miracles are happening!
God bless you,

Crystal Miller
Merced, California


Dear Thomas,
I LOVE this class! I can't wait to come back! I have grown so much in this two weeks of class than I ever had in high school. I can't wait to take this home to heal my family. The books are really easy to read and have a lot of great information. I'll always use them as a reference. I feel as if I received all the attention I needed. I received more than my money's worth. I would have paid just to be in the talking circle!

Cathleen Gaxiola
Fresno, California


Dear Thomas,
Everyone is loving my massages. Blessing from above have just been pouring down! Thank the Lord! I could go on and on! Miracles are happening!
God bless you,

Crystal Miller
Merced, California

One learns by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.
-Sophocles, 469-406 B.C