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Ahern's Massage Therapy School and Holistic Health Center, Mariposa California

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One learns by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.

-Sophocles, 469-406 B.C.


Ahern's Massage School teaches therapeutic holistic massage,
in a total immersion curriculum environment of instruction and learning,
offering a condensed and accelerated course of study,
Located near the entrance to beautiful Yosemite National Park.

Even a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
- Chinese proverb

Since they use the metric system you are already 1/4 of the way there. (The hardest thing is getting started) --- Thinking outside of the box

Become one of the very best! For 16 years I have taught massage therapy by teaching people not paper.
2,500 + successful students taught with never, never a failure. I provide a safe environment for all of my students and have dismissed those from class who were inappropriate.
My graduates get paid top dollar wherever they go. All of them raising the bar of excellence in this healing art.
I, Thomas F. Ahern, Jr. will be your teacher for all your subjects. I do not pass this responsibility off to anyone else. This is a huge commitment on my part; this is done in honor of your commitment to come here.
My students have ranged in age from 15 years old to 82 years young, some were doctors or went on to become doctors, and others could not read or write, all are making a wonderful difference in this world.
200 hour = 15 day Massage Therapy Course $3,500 an Earthlite Massage Table and all your books included.
100 hour = 7 1/2 day Advance Courses $1,750 per 100 hour course. Different areas of the country require different number of hours of education and training. We offer up to 1,000 hours of advanced training and education beyond the 200-hour Massage Therapy Course.
Please know that a great teacher will learn from each and everyone of their students.
Also know that a great teacher will take a struggling student and help them become an A student.
I do look forward to becoming one of your great teachers.
Thank you for your time.


Visit our web site and request a catalogue and DVD. You can do it!!!
Location; 4615 Indian Peak Rd. Mariposa, CA. 95338
1-209-966-4675 or 1-800-578-2822
Affordable Housing available and Airport Service too!